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Thread: [PbP] Wilderlands (reboot) interest thread

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    Cool. Second proposed rule from TB: When a sorcerer casts a spell affected by a metamagic feat, her casting time is not increased. (yes this just applies to Queenie, but it finally lets her get worthwhile feats)

    The last proposed rule: The 10 Minute Rest Period! Which I will write out later.

    Well, there will be a few behind the scenes rules I will be using but they are DM rules that you will see.
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    I like Trailblazer's change to iterative attacks and I've always loved the 10-minute rest "reset" button.

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    Ok and lastly here is the

    Trailblazer 10 Min Rest period:
    A rest period is re-defined as 10 minutes of uninterrupted activity to include no more than conversation and light activity.

    All character abilities and class features that were previously granted "per day" are are instead granted "per rest". This includes rage, smite, wild shape etc. as well as spell casting (see below).

    Spell casters may be required to spend action points in addition to resting, in order to recover certain spells more quickly.

    All other abilities are refreshed once every 24 hours, at no cost of action points. (In other words, always at least as often as current rules allow)

    After a successful rest period, at no cost of Action Points:
    All "per rest" class abilities are refreshed (rage, smite etc)
    All characters heal an amount of hit points equal to 50% of their normal, maximum hit point total
    All spell slots used to cast Rote spells are refreshed (see below)
    Any ongoing spell effects on your person are dispelled when your rest is complete, regardless of the duration that may have remained. This does not apply to spells with instantaneous or permanent duration; however it does apply to spells both beneficial and harmful, regardless of their origin.

    After a successful rest period, at a cost of 1 Action Point:
    A character can recover an additional amount of hit points equal to 50% of their normal hit point total (which will restore any character to full hit points).
    All spell slots used to cast Restricted spells are refreshed (see below).
    ONE spell slot used to cast a Ritual spell is refreshed per Action Point spent.

    Rote spells include All 0 level spells and any single target spell with a duration of 1 min/level or less

    Restricted spells include: any area effect or multiple target spell, Any spell with a duration of 10 min/level or longer and Any Conjuration (creating, calling or teleport)

    Ritual spells include: Any spell with an XP cost, or unusual or expensive material component. The big three of Divination/Commune, Raise Dead and Teleport, and any other spell that the DMs discretion deems to be disruptive to the game.
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    Far beneath the city of Wenglor, the massive and secretive Dwarven complex, the party finds an opening in the chiseled-out mines. The opening leads into a stonework hallway, complete with cobweb and dust-covered cracked columns, which look as if the weight of the world could shatter them into fragments at any moment. From this room, the hallway heads in two directions. The way the brave heroes decide to go is ultimately irrelevent. For over the course of many days, the party begins navigating what seems like an endless and diverse assortment of chambers, rooms and hallways, all bearing the signs and symbology of multiple civilizations. The bard/cleric Princess finds familiarity in some of the old cultist symbols which she remembers from her own time, though knowledge of these runic markings gives our heroes no comfort, for they are dark, and evil markings indeed, indicating that these halls have changed hands on several occasions by various dark, and nasty factions, each worse than the one before.

    Slowly, the party finds signs of what they came for - missing Dwarven miner they were hired to find. Minotaurs, Troglodytes and over foul aberrations constantly block their progress through the chasms, only to discover the remains of one dwarf here, and the remains of another there. All seems lost, until at last the party discovers a large troglodyte stronghold. Low on resources and provisions, the party attempts to assault the complex. It is not well guarded, and the guards are not strong fighters, and the party finds entrance into the complex easily enough. From there, they manage to pick off the troglodytes easily for some time, until alarms are raised - dead troglodyte bodies can only be discarded for so long.

    Ultimately, the heroes find themselves trapped deep in the complex, and surrounded by what seems like easily a hundred well-armed troglodytes, and before they launch their attack, something spooks them, and they all scatter - only to reveal a floating beast that nightmares surely are made of. Many eyes floating lazily from atop a singular large ocular orb and a mouth that could easily swallow an entire sheep whole. Molly finds she can not cast while in its gaze, and as the beast unleashes a torrent of deadly rays the fight becomes epic! Omik flies into a rage and tears into the creature as only he knows how. Alaria emboldens her companions and Eldoc and Thoria manage to slide in behind the beast in an attempt to flank the creature, but at a price - they find the deadliest rays from the creature's rear, and alas, do not survive the attack. Despite this, the party emerges victorious as the creature is slain.

    With free reign of the complex (the troglodytes don't dare face off against anyone who could kill their dark tormenter and ruler), they find the dwarven miners. But something curious is amiss - these aren't dwarves at all, they are humans, elves, half-elve, and even a halfling and a gnome. They tell you that they were the miners - but more than that - they were slaves to the Wenglor dwarves! The dwarven miner had lied! It seems they were only interested in just rescuing their profits, and couldn't care less for the miners at all.

    Many of the slaves had been killed - starved, eaten, and worse. Those who survived managed to make it back out to the complex to the bright lights (a welcome sight to all!) of the surface world
    The party, minus a few friends, emerge from the depths, and strain to adjust to the newly remembered sunlight. The council with the Wenglor elders isn't a pretty one, but it becomes clear to them that following their old practice of using slaves isn't going to be abided by. Princess Alaria points out that the cost of slaves (whom they purchase from slave traders out of the City State of the Invincible Overlord) isn't significantly less than actually employing dwarves to do the work - an argument which gets some begrudging traction among the elders. Clearly, the town will need to rethink their economic purpose, and will have much work to do in the future. But they agree to their terms, and pay the party handsomely for the work.

    After that, the party finds themselves happily back in Norgood, though winter is on in full force now, and the party finds their normal stomping grounds covered in about a foot of snow. Word quickly reaches them here that a small army of bugbears, minotaurs, and giants has been spotted to the west. It seems that whatever situation is happening to Damkina is clearly escalating and has now moved far beyond that island town. But Norgood was preparing for this - specifically Lady Rosmix, who returns with an army of her own, amassed from every small village and thorpe from the northern lands. Omik even recognizes some of his neighbors from his old tribe. It seems Lady Rosmix and Sir Reginald (who apparently got married along the way somewhere!) were busy. Her plan is to meet the force head on, while the party comes in from the rear and cuts off their escape route.

    It is a risky plan - Once the party sees the force from a hilltop, they realize they need to act quickly, because this force of easily 500 strong, will cut through Rosmix's army of ragtag mercenaries fairly quickly. They even have a juvenile red dragon among them! It takes a day for the party to circle around the army. When they finally manage to come in from behind, the odds do not seem to be in their favor. While Rosmix's army has clearly dented the force, their numbers have dwindled greatly. Reginald and Rosmix are a formidable force in their own rights, and fight back to back against an onslaught of demi-human attackers, you are not certain that your small band will even the odds before they are worn down. It is at this moment, that the fray is joined by a most curious sight - dryads, satyrs, and elementals seemingly come out of nowhere, out of the trees and bushes, to help. You even see the blind druid who guided you down a river so long ago in the battle. He is apparently a force of nature unto himself, calling forth powerful, ancient magics to lay waste to the forces.

    The battle rages for an entire day. In the end, the forces of good triumph. While their force was strong, it seemed to lack focus and direction, and they were easily divided and confused. Apparently guided by their own arrogance and overconfidence - qualities that must surely be attributed to whatever, or whoever assembled the force. Rosmix and Reginald are thankful for your assistance, and were equally appreciative of the druid, but he and his allies are nowhere to be found after the din of battle died down.

    Interrogating a cowardly goblin, the party learns that a powerful sorcerer from Damkina rules them, and promises of wealth and land were given if this group could eradicate the lands of men in an act they called the "cleansing". Alaria points out that this same kind of rhetoric fueled military campaigns in these same lands some 400 years ago. And happily reminds the goblin that those same wars ended with the complete eradication of orcs from these lands - a fact that even the goblin must stubbornly admit to. During these interrogations, Omik and Molly can't help but observe how Ambrin and Alaria's relationship has progressed over the last several months. While initially, it seemed Ambrin was quite annoyed by her, Alaria has come to terms with her situation, and her insights and wisdom have become more valuable. As her drama levels have dwindled, Ambrin seems to have actually taken a bit of a liking to her - although he steadfastly denies it!

    But this talk of a Damkina sorcerer is troubling - especially to Molly, who calls Damkina home. While she is loathe to admit it - her family is one of the primary arcane families in Damkina, and must surely have ties to this activity.... the actual ruler of Damkina is no sorcerer.
    So the party of Ambrin, Alaria, Molly, and Omik set out finally towards Damkina. Molly could no longer put off returning to her home. The journey was not long, and as the group traveled down river, they pulled ashore before reaching the lake that surrounds the island that Damkina is located on. That evening after scouting the area, the party manages to quietly kill a few patrols of hobgoblins and move into the water in a stolen boat. Ambrin and Omik slip into the water a few times to board the few ships in their way and create a breach in the blockade. They leave bloody wrecks sinking slowly to the depths. The party believes they have made it ashore undetected and are quietly discussing where to proceed into the city based upon Molly’s knowledge of the city. Suddenly out of seemingly no where, a figure steps out of the shadows. He introduces himself as Dickens. Molly remembers him from her time in the city. He was an assistant and eventual advisor to Cardonius, the man Molly was supposed to marry. He quickly explains though that he is no ally of Cardonius, and that in fact Cardonius is dead. Dickens tells the party that he discovered that Cardonius was partly behind the plot to get the hobgoblins to declare war on the city and was in fact a powerful and evil sorcerer. Not only that but that Cardonius was in league with the Kaelissis (Molly’s parents), who were not only also evil sorcerers and behind the attacks, but had been planning to marry off Molly to Cardonius for him to sacrifice her! As unbelievable as this is, Ambrin was able to verify that Dickens was not evil and was telling the truth. Molly was in shock and couldn’t believe it. Dickens explained that after he found out about this Cardonius tried to kill him and Dickens killed him in self defense, and he had been in hiding since then, about a month, trying to escape the blockade to get away.
    Dickens then offered to lead them through secret ways into the secret lair under the Kaelissi manor, a place even Molly was surprised to hear about. Following the stealthy Dickens, they made their way in the evening, and avoided the patrols and watchful eyes of a city under siege. The group of five came out into an underground temple, dedicated to some foul power. Sure enough, there by the altar were Molly’s parents, in full regalia, a young woman lay, naked, on the altar, her life blood draining into the interior of the altar and the sacrificial knife in Molly’s mother’s hand. Molly, even confronted with proof, could not believe it. The Kaelissi’s stood there in shock at seeing their daughter as Molly wept and pleaded with them. The rest of the group stood by, watching Molly in tense anticipation. Finally, Dianala, Molly’s mother, spoke to her, trying to calm her down and reassure her. However, when Molly would not respond, when she stood there, crying and asking why and saying she didn’t understand, her father finally lost patience and sent a screaming blast of hellfire at Molly. That broke the inertia around the group. Ambrin leaped in front of Molly, deflecting the spell with the Shield of Torm, Dickens and Alaria pulled the still frozen Molly out of the way, as Omik leaped towards his in-laws. Molly stood screaming not to hurt her parents, but the attack on Molly had snapped Omik’s hold on his inner beast and not even Molly would have been able to stop him.
    In the epic battle the ensued, Molly was unable to cast a single spell, so in shock was she at what her parents were and that they would attack her. Alaria kept her safe in the secret passage, guarding and defending her with body and spell as the men attacked. Ambrin fought through with shield and sword, blocking spells and wounding Molly’s mother. Omik had lost it, flying into a rage such as none of them had seen in him before, he even took a swing or two at Ambrin so lost in blood lust was he. Dickens accounted for himself very well as he kept appearing in random places by some unknown magic, his rapier flashing in the gloom at the various fiendish monsters that the Kaelissis were summoning. Though Molly’s parents were both powerful sorcerers, they were unable to defeat the stalwart divine defenses of Ambrin before he finally wore down and slew Dianala. Dickens took care of nearly all the summoned monsters ensuring that neither Omik nor Ambrin were surrounded and that the fiends did not threaten Alaria and Molly. Omik was in full rage, fortunately the few swings he took at Ambrin did not connect. One blow did shatter the stone altar, which send a shower of evil smelling green sparks across everyone, starting small fires on the floor, and blistering skin. Never as prudent as Ambrin, Omik took the brunt of several spells from Nanrik, Molly’s father. Omik was engulfed in fire, acid and ice. He bled from a dozen wounds any one of which would have killed most men. But little can stop a barbarian in full rage, especially when he is protecting those he loves, and though he stood on the brink of death, he finally drove his axe through the head and to the chest of Nanrik before collapsing as he tried to crawl back to his Molly.
    So it was that the group of heroes broke the siege of Damkina. For without the sorcerers controlling the hobgoblins, they were easily scattered. The puppet mayor that the Kaelissis had installed also fled the city and a more competent mayor was elected by the guild masters. The group spent a few weeks in Damkina, helping them transition away from war and back to peace. It helped that there was a surplus of food that had been waiting to be delivered past the blockade. The people of Damkina were very weary and hungry. Our heroes spent a good bit of coin in the city over their stay which only boosted the opinion of the Damkinians of the heroes.
    Dickens enjoyed the city of his birth for the first time in weeks, not afraid of being killed. He was finally able to walk the streets, and he was instrumental in knowing where the people who were hungriest and most suffering were. Whatever doubts there were about Dickens as an associate and former employee of Cardonius and the Kaelissis (he wasn’t their employee but spent a lot of time there on behalf of Cardonius) were quickly erased by the story of his actions to free Damkina and his help in restoring the city.
    Molly was distraught still over the planned betrayal by her parents, as well of course of their death. She was even more shocked when the new mayor came to find her and ask when she would be moving in. Molly was confused. She had, of course, inherited her parents very lavish manor house. She could not at this time bear to live there. Omik went on Molly’s suggestion and tracked down her old nursemaid Milgra, who had basically raised her. Milgra was quite old and had been dismissed when Molly went missing and she and her family suffered for that loss. But Molly surprised her by asking Milgra and her family to come and live in the manor. Milgra wept with joy not only at seeing someone whom she considered a daughter, back and alive, but at Molly’s generosity. Milgra and her family looked after the manor, and managed the accounts, cleansed the caverns below it and planted beautiful gardens around the house. People quickly forgot the evil rumors of the house and Milgra, acting on Molly’s instructions, made the house a place of peace, art, beauty and charity.
    Ambrin took the few weeks he was in Damkina to help the poor and suffering. Alaria accompanied him on most of these trips, showing surprising compassion based on her earlier arrogance. But she seemed to take the idea of noblesse oblige seriously. The stories of Ambrin’s exploits spread quickly (most likely from Dickens) throughout town. The strength of his faith and the kindness he showed to others were obvious to all who met him. Ambrin found many people coming up to him and asking how they could thank Torm for bringing Ambrin to free them. Ambrin was a bit taken aback by this at first. It was Alaria who had the idea to build a temple to Torm in Damkina. Obviously a temple takes time to build, but so many people were so enthusiastic that Ambrin agreed to have a shrine build now, and commission a temple to be built.
    Omik spent several days after the battle sleeping and resting. Ambrin and Alaria had kept him from dying down in the caverns, but only just. Omik had had no regard for his own safety in the battle and had taken more damage by far than anyone else. Ambrin and Dickens just managed to get the large barbarian back to the surface where Dickens went to get a healer. Once he was able to walk though, no keg of ale was safe in Damkina. You would have never known he had been near death a few days ago by the off-key bellowing Omik called singing that erupted along with a ravenous appetite and near limitless thirst. Still no one in the city begrudged him anything (especially as food had flowed in while he was asleep). And as Omik recovered, he lent his great strength to many rebuilding projects earning him the nickname Omik the Ox.
    For a few calmer months our heroes split their time between Damkina and Norgood. Ambrin oversees the cleansing of the temple outside Norgood and the rededication of it to Torm. Norgood’s population swelled after Lady Rosmix called in every able-bodied man to help fight the goblins and ogres. But that meant there were lots of people looking for work. Ambrin arranges for 24 hours of daylight to shine on the blood fountain using a clever array of mirrors, and a hearty dose of daylight scrolls. After which, the blood ceases to arise from the fountain, and it reverts back to natural water. Plus, given that Ambrin rides a unicorn, and is apparently of a prophet of a long-lost god, he attracts many followers during this process, and a small contingent of them agree to stay on at the temples assuring it a place in prominence. This also boosts the worshippers in Damkina and their new shrine to Torm.

    The forest tower is repaired and Tom’s nephew is hired to be the caretaker. He is a clever lad who knows the woods and keeps the forest around the tower safe. Ambrin did have to escort him back after he saw the ghost the first time, but now, he has long conversations with the ancient knight.
    Omik arranges to have Molly’s cabin built in the fairy grove. It is just as she pictured it, a quaint, little cottage with a red door and shutters, and a vegetable and flower garden outside. Omik arranged a few added details most cabins don’t have, like foot thick log walls, a deep root cellar/smithy, and most especially an underground grotto lit by luminescent fungi with a hot spring for Molly’s baths. Omik pulled some favors with an elven wizard in Gwaleod for that one. And Omik somehow managed to get the blind druid to come and place some protective spells on it. No one is sure how Omik managed that, or what he paid or promised to get it.
    The heroes bury a good stock of gold out in the forest by the tower and Molly adds a few protective enchantments, but it is far enough out there that no one will stumble across it. Much of the gold and wealth they have is spent on rebuilding Damika, expanding Norgood to accommodate the new comers from the battle and those flocking to Norgood because word of the Heroes of Norgood is starting to get around. The group pays for another floor to be built onto Tom’s inn, which makes the old innkeeper cry with gratitude, the extra income from all those rooms will allow him to retire soon. Even with all these expenses the amount of money the group has is staggering. Especially in Damkina many wealthy families present gifts to the heroes in appreciation of their efforts. So in between gifts, selling back many of the things they have collected and emptying out the bag of holding and their vault in Norgood, the group has a lot. But many of the gifts are magical in nature and much of the wealth flows to Gwaleod where special enchantments are woven for them. Dianala had a very powerful magical robe, that was terribly evil. But Molly with the help of an elven wizard managed to wrest control of it, turning the garment white as it entered the service of good.

    GM: After your adventures in the Mines of Wenglor, The Battle of Norgood, and the Breaking of the Seige of Damkina and the Defeat of the Kaelissis; you are all now 11th level! Please level up your characters accordingly. I have also taken the liberty of consolidating treasure and magic items, having some items boosted and adding others. As such I am providing a list of magical items for each character below, feel free to take any mundane items you wish. In addition, each character has 5,000 gp to buy any other magical item they wish, you also have 2,000 gp in small gems and coins as spending money. Once everyone has updated their characters, we will start the next chapter!

    Molly Magic items:
    Wand: Fireball (5th level) (Charges: 15)
    Eagles splendor (23 charges
    Scroll: caster level 7 web
    Chime of Opening
    Bag of holding type II
    Robe of the Archmagi (from Dianala, reworked to be good)
    Rod of Metamagic (+1, normal)
    Headband of Alluring Charisma +2
    Ring of Soulmates (constant Status, Shield Other at Will, unlimited range) paired to Omik’s
    Coin: 5075gp; 12 sp; 18cp;
    Gifts: Amethyst floral pendant, Scented soaps
    Treasure Molly is holding onto: Magical Leather Pouch with trail rations
    Books from cultists lair: several on the nature of death, a holy text to Kelemvor , fiction books, a children's book, and a book entitled "The Last Unicorn".
    Map: Old, valuable map from Russ of the Wilderlands

    Omik Magic Items:
    Greataxe of Gormin (+2 adamantine greataxe flaming, frost axiomatic)
    Argox, the Pained: +3 Keen Scythe of Dragon Bane; 2d4+3 (19-20/x4)
    AL CN; Int 10,Wis 14, Cha 14;
    Senses: Speech, 120 ft. vision and hearing; Ego score 14.
    Lesser Powers:
    Item has 10 ranks in Intimidate,
    Item casts Aid on wielder 3/day (CL 3).
    Special Purpose: Defeat/slay dragons.
    Dedicated Power: Wielder gets a +2 luck bonus on attacks, saves, and checks.
    Mithril chain shirt +2
    Comp Long bow +1 (Str +4) Bow of Hetriff a mythical bow, said to be
    Quiver 20 arrows
    Heavy Mace of Frost +1
    Longspear MW
    Traveler’s Any Tool
    Ring of Soulmates (constant Status, Shield Other at Will, unlimited range) paired to Molly’s

    Ambrin Magic Items:
    Longsword of Torm +3, Impervious, Holy, Demon-bane,
    Shield of Torm (Lg steel) +3, Impervious
    Armor of Torm (Chainmail) +3, Champion, Impervious
    Effects are as per spells of the same name, but incur only a 1 round casting time.
    Armor + Sword = Lesser Planar Ally. 1/wk
    Armor + Shield = Divination 1/wk
    Shield + Sword = Permanent Freedom of Movement
    Amor + Sword + Shield = Raise Dead 1/wk

    Bracers of the Avenging Knight
    Pearl of Power (2nd level)
    Wand of CLW (30 charges)
    Wand of CMW (20 charges)
    Heavy mace of Frost +1

    Dickens Magic Items:
    Highwayman’s Cape (with +2 resistance as well)
    Sheath of Bladestealth
    Unrelenting Death – +2 Dueling, Furyborn, Keen Rapier. This weapon belonged to the great duelist and assassin Hidel. Notorious for his unrelenting attacks and pressuring moves, he seldom wavered from an opponent once he engaged. As an assassin he was unrivaled in his efficiency, though he never used poison, saying it was a cowards way (some assassin have honor apparently). His speed of attacking and unwavering strikes meant many target died without even realizing they had been hit and died quite surprised as they didn’t know the duel had started.
    Mithral chain shirt +2
    Dagger +1, Returning, Distance

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    Quote Originally Posted by Queenie View Post
    The Queen has decreed it, so mote it be.

    Role call! Check in. We start when all three Players post here, or Halloween, which ever comes first.
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