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Thread: OHGD Master Game Thread

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    OHGD Master Game Thread


    9AM - 1PM

    Game 1 - XRPSUZI - Miss Adelaide's Soiled Doves
    Game 2 - KoS - Legion of Gloom
    Game 3


    Game 1 - JC - Ice Station Zeta
    Game 2 - Underpants Gnome - Dresden Files
    Game 3 - DShai - Dayton D&D

    7-10:45PM (Note: we have to be out of the location at 11pm)

    Game 1 - Whirligig - Ghost Facers
    Game 2 - KoS - Mystery adventure
    Game 3 - Dshai - Zombies!


    11am - 12pm - Brunch cookout


    Game 1 - KoS - Sophie
    Game 2 -

    8pm-12am (and use the 4 hour break for partying/food) or 4:30-8:30 (and party after)..

    Game 1 - Dshai - Muppets
    Game 2 - JC - Double Cross
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    I posted something for Sunday's final slot.

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    I'm saying this now, I need to see other Dayton peops and will try to do this Sunday night. Likely I will head to the Oregon District. Anyone who wishes to bar hop with me is welcome. I'll figure it out.

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    JC, Seonaid--super sux You'll be missed and a hex on your bosses!

    I don't know if it's too late to consider this, I'm just throwing it out there that I would be willing to run Miss Adelaide's Soiled Doves in JC's Ice Station Zeta slot and open it up to any gender if we want to just have 2 gaming sessions on Saturday, thus letting everyone sleep in a little longer on Saturday morning and free up Saturday night for some pub crawl or board gaming (which is usually shorter than RPG sessions unless you are playing something like Arkham Horror).
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