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    Got Endless Space 2 recently. Enjoying it quite a bit.
    I like hats.


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    Rare was stress testing Sea of Thieves this weekend, and I didn't find out I could join until there were only a few hours left in the test, but I played the game all those hours, about 5 in total. Lots of fun. I might end up paying full price for a video game... What it reminds me most of is the division of labor that occurs in 7 Days to Die, as far as co-op experience. But more fun. The guy steering the ship really can't see shit but a compass and some sails, the map is in a different room, your UI doesn't have like a minimap or compass, you gotta figure that shit out yourself, though you can pull your compass out. It takes a team to navigate, bail the ship out, adjust the sails, or even raise the anchor. So far there is a 2 map ship and a 4 map ship, tho I really hope they add a 6 man ship, tho the current 4 man ship could be changed to a 6 man ship and they could add a two-master for 4 players. It's sorta complicated to sail the three mast, 4 cannon ship with only 4 players.

    The weather and ocean graphics are incredibly good. My pc runs the game over 60 fps at all times on the highest settings, except for this one island we went to, and I bug reported that island. PC and Xbox1 can play together if some of your friends are console peasants. You also only need to buy the game once if you want to play on both. This seems to be Microsoft's new way of doing Xbox exclusives, doing Windows and Xbox exclusives with cross play, very smart.

    Comes out March 20th. Based on my 5 hours, highly recommended if you like co-op games.

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