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    Quote Originally Posted by guyjin View Post
    I don't see my rarest of Pepes on there: Lion Wizard*, Githzerai Spell-Thief, Half-Devil (Kyton) Half-Dwarf Monk, Snake Paladin**.

    From that list, it would be Half-Elf Barbarian. Huh. Odd, while I love playing Rogues... the only Class I've played as almost*** every core race is Barbarian.

    * The hardest part was the somatic gestures.
    ** No one ever trusted me to Lay On Fangs.
    *** I've never played a Halfling. Kender, Hobbit, yes. Halfling, no.
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    Friday night's OD&D game showed what happens when the party discovers the Deck of Many Things™.

    Six cards were drawn. Two were the Void.

    So two PC's were removed from the campaign. They're not dead; they're merely being tortured for all of eternity.
    most people are idiots"

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