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Thread: Battletech (by Harebrained Studies)

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    Battletech (by Harebrained Studies)

    So, has anyone picked up this game yet other than me?

    I was a kickstarter backer, and have been looking forward to the game for some time now, so of course I downloaded it from GOG as soon as I could, and am now busy playing my first campaign.

    It's really fun. I played the Beta that was only the Skirmish mode, which was already a lot of fun. The Mercenary campaign elevates it further, however, because now you got an interesting metagame on top.

    Each Battle has lasting consequence in form of damaged mechs, injured pilots and salvage that you can use to build up your stable of mechs. Pretty much every mech you own in the game beside the starting lance is something you shot yourself. (There are rare opportunities where you can actually buy mechs on the open market, or at least buy mech salvage, but... it's very expensive, and not really worth it.)

    So far, it's been very enjoyable.

    Yesterday, in one of those "just one more fight before I got to bed" missions you tend to play in games that you really enjoy, I had a pretty exciting battle.I accidentally had picked a mission about 1 skull higher than the battles I usually pick, but I thought "What the Heck, I can always try and reload". (For which must be said: I rarely feel the need to reload, but I a not the kind of guy that's above doing that.)

    The fight started with me detecting a 100 ton Battlemech. Followed by detecing 3 80 ton vehicles. Eventually, I got to identify the Battlemech. It was a frigging King Crab.

    Great. So 4 Assault Class mechs against my lance of 4 low-light heavies - A Dragon, a Jagermech, a Catapult K2 and a Missile Boat Catapult.

    Suspecting that this might be the battle where I either lose all my mechs or try the withdraw option (or the reload and let's not even try this again option), I went ahead with the missions, which however kinda meant doing the opposite in the mission - it's obviously I need to keep my distance from a Dual AC/20 wielding monster.

    I maneuvered my mechs to stay reasonably far away from the enemy while still being able to focus fire on the King Crab. I used call shots from morale, trying to penetrate at least a side torso in hope of also triggering an ammo explosion, but the King Crab is really well armored. I don't think I even got to structure yet in the first 2 rounds.

    However, I think by the third round I managed to take out one of the Assault vehicles by shooting it at its side, penetrating side armor and scoring internal hits.
    By the way, the Assault Vehicles. They were Demolishers. So even more AC/20s directed at me. Even more need to keep my distance. My team is a bit spread out (they were already at the start of the mission, oddly), so despite the distance I still was able to attack the vehicles from their sides.
    At the distance I was at, the Demolishers manage to take some shots, but they mostly miss. Though my Jagermech (armed with AC20 and AC5) gets an early CT opening.

    And then I suddenly see that the enemy has gotten reeinforcements. I see that mostly by LRMs flying in from the East, while the Assaults are coming from the North.
    I evade further to the West, at least I got my speed going for me to keep the distance. Eventually I manage to take out all the vehicles and biggest surprise - I manage to incapicatate the King Crab's pilot. Yup, that means there is a 100 ton King Crab in need of a new pilot on the battlefield!
    This is a big motivation to find a way to win the fight. The enemy Heavies are coming into visible range slowly as well, and they got some nice ones, among them a Black Knight, a Grasshopper (the first time I see them in game. Okay, the King Crab and Demolishers were also a first.) and a Jagermech.

    My K2 is fighting for his life. He lost an arm and a leg, and he can't retreat quickly enough from the front line. I use his jump jets (a little after market modification by me) to improve evasion and brace him often, instead of trying to shoot at anything. If the enemy is taking shots at him, at least they don't shoot at the rest, and if they don't, maybe I can get my pilot in some halfway decent cover and can use the remaining PPC for some good.
    I focus fire on individual mechs and use the terrain to make it hard for the enemy to focus fire on any of my mechs. Overall it seems overall I am luckier than my enemy, and actually manage to take out every single one of them. A big help here is that I got a few stability inducing weapons (though my Missile Boat Catapult is quickly reduced to a Medium Laser boat. I really need to pack more ammo.)

    The enemy Jagermech is the last one to fall. And I am still there, with no lost mechs.

    Only "Wermutstropfen", as we say in Germany: On the salvage screen, I see that I get only 2 priority pieces. I didn't negotiate for extra salvage since I didn't expect any exciting mech finds (having missed the extra difficulty). Oh, well, 2/3 of a King Crab is a start. I have to shoot myself the rest another day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mustrum_Ridcully View Post
    Overall it seems overall I am luckier than my enemy, and actually manage to take out every single one of them.
    Also... it's a game by Harebrained Schemes... their AIs are really dumb (so I suspect you just outmaneuvered it constantly).
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    Quote Originally Posted by nail bunny View Post
    Also... it's a game by Harebrained Schemes... their AIs are really dumb (so I suspect you just outmaneuvered it constantly).
    Honestly, this is my hesitation. Not pinging on Harebrained, but AI in general. Almost all of my fun with BT is outplaying the other player, not pushing pieces. Against an AI, is kinda boring. The psychological plays* are missing, destraction and clients only work one way, etc, etc. There's multilayer, though, so maybe....

    *I play aggressively but not recklessly. I often prefer to lose initiative, as going first means the other player is now reacting instead of following their own plans.
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    I think ovi's right.

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