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Thread: A History of Violence

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    A History of Violence

    Watched it tonight over Pizza and Beer with my S.O.

    We were both quite impressed. Cronenberg's most main-stream film to date, and a very interested look at the revenge genre. Straight up, I'm a huge Cronenberg fan, and I found this film to be as fascinating as any of his other works. He examines violence as a solution, the relationship of sex and violence, the need(?) for violence, and the morality of violence. Utterly fascinating and moving, with an open-ended conclusion.

    It sort of struck a chord, I thought, with such classic John Ford morality tales like "The Searchers" or "Two Rode Together". I don't know - I know this film has struck up a lot of debate. You either loved it or you hated it. What did you think?


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    I absolutely loved it. It lasted less than a week at the mainstream theaters, then thankfully I was able to catch it at the art house. I have no idea why, unless some blue-hair complained about the staircase scene, maybe. Box Office Mojo indicates that it did quite well financially.

    I love William Hurt n this. "How do you fuck that up?" Just his sheer disgust is amazingly funny. Best line, though, is still 'I killed Joey'.

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