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Thread: [Ikariam] Circvs Maximvs (CMAX) Alliance Discussion

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    [Ikariam] Circvs Maximvs (CMAX) Alliance Discussion

    Ikariam is a browser-based game. It's a lot like Civ IV, if it were a MMO. It is free to play, and still in its beta stages.

    The Circvs Maximvs Alliance is on the Beta server.
    CMAX Alliance Map

    Beginner's Resources

    Start Guide
    First Steps
    Ikariam Wiki
    Approved Scripts
    Research Time Calculator
    Bashing Calculator
    Battle Simulator
    Ikariam Score Finder (Requires Firefox/Greasemonkey)

    • Avoid building a trading port at the beginning. All it does is make it easier for people to take your stuff
    • Build a warehouse to protect your resources.
    • The order of resources you'll want are wood, marble, sulfur or crystal, wine.
    • Contribute to the lumber or resource piles on your island (it'll allow increased yields.) It is common practice to raid people that don't contribute to the communal resources.
    • If you're playing from the same computer, household, or network as someone else, notify the GO for Beta server of this. You can easily contact them via the Ikariam forums, or via email: Include your user name, user id (under options), and server.

    Pillaging/Troops FAQ:

    What do I need to start raiding?
    You'll need a minimum of 2 slingers. If you send 1 (even against an undefended city), he will die and you'll get nothing. Expect 1 slinger to die in every attack.

    You can safely send a single swordsman, phalanx, or higher unit against almost all undefended cities.

    I'm under attack! What should I do?
    You have several options:
    • Destroy your trading port. This will allow them to only raid up to 60 units.
    • Send your resources elsewhere. If the resources are gone by the time the enemy arrives, there will be nothing to pillage.
    • Donate to your island. You can instantly use up lots of wood by simply upgrading your island's resource mills.
    • Build a warship. A single warship will turn away all invaders, unless they think to blockade you first.
    • Spend it. If you can, build or upgrade something expensive to use up the resources.
    • Note: Hiding your resources in your trading post will NOT protect them.

    Why am I attacking myself?
    You're not. It's a bug.

    Can I still be raided if I don't have a trading port?
    Yes. However, they can only load 3 goods/minute, meaning they'll only get away with 60 of your resources.

    How to I build better troops than basic slingers?
    Research Professional Army

    What is "bashing"?
    Unless in a state of war with another alliance, in any given 24 hour period you may only attack a given town up to 6 times. Blockading a town counts as its own attack.

    How do I know who's a good target for raiding?
    You can usually tell how much stuff you're gonna get by their total score. Less than 100, they probably don't even have a port. So you're gonna get 60 of something. 100-300 and you're likely to get a level 1 port, with 200 of something.

    It's all just guesswork, which is why I frequently send out "probes" just to see what someone has. I'm almost exclusively targeting people with 0 military and/or who are inactive. I've only been attacked once, and my ships turned 'em away.

    You can also use spies to check out their warehouse and defenses.

    If you haven't already, download and install the Greasemonkey/Ikariam Score Search Tool for Firefox.

    Can you cancel units being built in the queue?

    How do I keep my warships in my port?
    If you build a warship, and don't send it anywhere, it stays in your port defending your town. If someone attempts to raid you without blockading first, their raiding party will be turned away by a single ship.

    How do I set my phalanxes on 'defense stance'? Are they on defense so long as I don't send them anywhere?
    Yes. Troops stationed in your town are considered to be defending it. Phalanxes gain a 30% bonus when they're defending; they're defending if they're in your city when it gets attacked.

    Trading FAQ:

    Is there a limit to how far I can transport goods?
    No. You can transport goods to any city on the map, so long as you have the Action Point, cargo ships, and time to do it.

    You are, however, limited on how far away you can buy goods. This limit is set by the size of your trading post.

    How do I transport goods between colonies?
    Select the town you want to ship from on the drop down menu in the top control bar. Then select 'view world.' Find the colony you want to ship to on the world map and select it. In the option menu to the left, you will now have a 'transport goods' option.

    Alternately, you can click on the trading port of the town you're shipping from. You'll see your other colony names listed as links further down the page. Click on the link, and it will take you to the transport goods page for that colony.

    What is a good price to buy/sell goods for?
    One way to look at it is this:
    Each citizen you have produces 4 gold/hour.
    Reallocating a citizen to wood means you don't get that gold. So wood is worth 4GP.
    Reallocating a citizen to a luxury or research means you don't get that gold, and you're paying them 8 gold/hour to harvest. So luxuries are worth 12GP.

    What is "pushing"?
    Pushing occurs whenever a lower-scored player transports goods to a higher-scored player with nothing in return. You can be banned for pushing. This rule is in place to prevent people from creating lots of accounts, and using the smaller ones to "feed" the largest one.

    What good is gold?
    • You need 12K gold to found an new colony.
    • You can use your trading post to buy and sell goods with neighboring islands.
    • Workshop upgrades require a lot of gold.

    I need a lot of some resource. How should I get it?
    Find the nearest islands that have the resource you want. Send a diplomatic message to every single city (or at least the largest ones) on those islands asking if they would be willing to trade 1:1 for another resource. You will find a lot of them will be more than happy to do it, and will sometimes just send you 100 marble right away.

    If you want to be on the safe side, you should always have the lower-ranked player send their goods first. That way, if the higher-ranked player doesn't reciprocate, a GO can be contacted with a claim of pushing.

    Can I send gold to another player?
    No, you can't transfer gold directly. If they're close enough, and have a good enough trading post, they could buy something from you and transfer gold that way.

    Do you need a trading port to receive goods?

    General FAQ:

    Why can't I find anyone on the server?
    Make sure you're logged into, not We're on Beta server.

    How do I rename my town?
    You can rename your town through your Town Hall.

    How do I mine Sulphur/Wine/Marble/Crystal?
    You must research Wealth first.

    Why do I suddenly have 50 of each resource?
    You just finished researching Wealth.

    Does happiness affect the amount of gold citizens generate?
    Sort of. Happier citizens have more sex, thus increasing your population. Your population earns you money (4 gold/worker not collecting resources, researching, etc). So the happier your citizens are, the more money you'll eventually make.

    How do I found a new colony?
    Research Expansion
    Collect the resources necessary
    Click on an empty space on the island view of your destination

    What's the best place to build my next colony?
    • You generally want Marble, Crystal, Sulphur, Wine (in that order)
    • Building on a highly populated island often means their resources have already been upgraded. This lets you devote more people to collecting resources.
    • Building close to your home base allows for quick and easy transportation of goods between them. It also lets you better share their defenses.
    • Building far away gives you more options for trading and raiding. I would recommend building bases 1-2 hours away from each other.

    How many cultural treaties can you have?
    As many as you can afford with your current pool of Diplomacy Points (based on your embassies).

    What are action points? How do I use them? How do I get them back?
    Each city has their own pool of action points. You start off with 2, and get another for each 5 levels of town hall.

    Trading, pillaging, blockading, sending good, etc. all take an action point. You don't get it back until your ships return from their mission (or are killed by the enemy).

    What good are spies?

    Is there any reason to build an embassy in more than one of your cities?
    Yes. The diplomacy points you get from embassies (2 + embassy level) stack. These DP can be used to establish treaties.

    How do I set my account for "Vacation"?
    Click on Options at the top of the screen. Scroll down to "Activate Vacation Mode"

    How do you take over an island?
    Each island has 16 spots where you can build cities. If a group of people (ie, an alliance) want to monopolize an island, they can attempt to fill up all 16 slots before anyone else gets there.

    Can you actually take over a city too?
    Not yet. You will be able to take over some control of a city with the Governor research in a future patch.

    Is there any benefit to running two academies at once?
    Yes. The research points you earn stack.

    Is there any benefit to running two workshops at once?
    Not really. You could research different upgrades simultaneously, but otherwise there is no benefit. You should probably build your workshop on an island that has crystal.

    What's the best way to deal with douchebags in Ikariam?
    You can always threaten/raid them. If they insult or curse you in a message, you can report them and hopefully have them banned.

    What bugs does the game have in it?
    List of Known Bugs

    How do I use crystal to buy research points?
    You must research Glass first. Crystal can only be used to "finish off" a technology. So Mechanical Pen, say, costs 21000; if you want to spend 5000 crystal to speed it up, you need to wait for your scientists to generate 16000 research points first, then use the crystal to make up the remainder in one go.

    Are Workshop upgrades enabled yet?
    Not as of this writing. They are expected to be enabled in the next patch.

    Alliance FAQ

    How do I join the alliance?
    You'll need to have an embassy built, which requires:
    • Economy: Conservation, Pulley, Wealth
    • Sea Faring: Deck Weapons, Ship Maintenance, Expansion, Foreign Cultures
    • Military: Dry Dock
    • Science: Well Digging, Paper, Espionage

    Here are more instructions on joining:

    Who are the alliance officers?
    • Leader: Nareau
    • Diplomat: Mistwell
    • Home Secretary: Bagpuss
    • General: Ovinomancer

    Can I donate goods or Diplomacy Points to the alliance?
    No. In order to donate goods, you need to have a higher score than the person you're donating to (or else it's pushing). The alliance leader can trade you for goods, though. No one but the leader can transfer Diplomacy Points to the alliance.

    How do I get my islands added to the alliance map?
    Post your colony name in this thread, in this format:

    Why haven't I been invited to join the alliance?
    Invitations aren't working. Follow these instructions to join our alliance:

    Alliance Information and Links

    {More to come}

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    Don't forget to mention Bashing, as well (if it was going to be part of the {More to come} then nevermind).

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    Something else to note is action points. I assumed they just refreshed within a certain amount of time, I did not realize that you didn't get the action point back until the previous action was completed. Now I am stuck for quite some time without any action points waiting for some direct trades to complete.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dire Wolf View Post
    Something else to note is action points. I assumed they just refreshed within a certain amount of time, I did not realize that you didn't get the action point back until the previous action was completed. Now I am stuck for quite some time without any action points waiting for some direct trades to complete.
    This is why using an alliance trade chain is useful. Instead of sending that shipment waaaaay across the map, send it to someone close, who send it to a nearer island, who sends it to your target. That way ships aren't out of port more than an hour or so, and you keep your action points. To sweeten the deal for the middlemen, have them take a cut on transactions to offset the # of ships they'd need and the upgrade costs for their town halls.

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    PAX map, and holy fuck is there a lot of them.

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    i've got a sulfur pit on my goddamn island. how the fuck do i research "wealth"?

    i know it is supposed to be a good thing for my fucking military.
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    Looking for marble in exchange for sulfur and/or wine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by octoberblu3 View Post
    PAX map, and holy fuck is there a lot of them.
    They look to be fairly big...

    PaxMs....Pax Mercurius...9.........10,038,510
    PAX......Pax et Aurum....4..........2,663,888
    NPAX.....Pax Arcadia....60.........48,813,163
    WPAX.....West Arcadia...22.........13,477,254
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    Quote Originally Posted by diaglo View Post
    i've got a sulfur pit on my goddamn island. how the fuck do i research "wealth"?

    i know it is supposed to be a good thing for my fucking military.
    Dude... read this, it will help:

    You have to research stuff in a chain, so you have to build an academy, reasearch conservation, then pulley and then wealth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rodrigo Istalindir View Post
    Looking for marble in exchange for sulfur and/or wine.
    Read this wrong. Give me a while.
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    Hey Diaglo, make sure you build a warehouse. As soon as I have ships return from a current mission, I'll send you a little "getting started" package of resources, but you need a warehouse to hold your stuff.
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    Mistwell's Military Advice:

    Script Helpers

    In general, you should use Firefox instead of Internet Explorer (or another browser) to play Ikariam. This is because Firefox allows you to use the Greasmonkey Add-On. And that add-on allows you to use various user-made scripts for Ikarium.

    You can find a list of most of the scrips by going here. Be careful though, some are still buggy and in test mode, and some are in foreign languages, and some may not work well with each other. But, you can always uninstall a script if it doesn't work out, so you have some freedom to experiment.

    In particular, I use the IkariamScoreLinker script (which shows you the military score of any city you click on, along with some other information.), and the Kronos Util script, which gives you an easy visual count-down on buildings being finished and your +/- on resources and people (so you know if you are about to reach the maximum on something, or falling too short, at a glance). I also use the IkariamServerLogin script to automatically log into the game once you choose your server rather than having to retype your name and password every time.


    Over half of all attacks are against players chosen as a target simply because that target has a military score of 0 (as determined by scripts such as the above-mentioned IkariamScoreLinker).

    For this reason, you absolutely need some sort of military. Even if it is just one single slinger, you need it, so that your score doesn't show up as a zero.

    Next, you SHOULD build a Shipyard. This building is not to be confused the trading port (which you should also have, so you can build cargo ships to transport loot and trades, but it should not be anything more than level 1 for reasons I will mention below).

    Using your shipyard, build at least one Ram-Ship. Yes, I know, it costs 20 gold in upkeep every hour. And at first that seems like a lot. But, in not too long a time that will seem relatively cheap. But most importantly, you need it. If someone who is not on your own island tries to attack you, 90% of the time your one little Ram-Ship will turn away their entire fleet of incoming attackers. Only if your opponent sends a blockade fleet ahead (far ahead, since it takes twice as long to get to you as a normal attack fleet) and defeats your Ram-Ship will they then be able to send in their ground troops. So, make that Ram-Ship. And eventually, you should have around three Ram-Ships, which will hold off all but the most devoted foe.

    Next, remember when I mentioned your trading port should not be over level one? That is because, even if an attack gets through to you, and even if the attack is from your own island (hence bypassing your Ram-Ship), and even if you have tons of stuff to take, every enemy still has only 20 minutes for their people to automatically load loot onto their cargo ships before they have to leave. And the amount of loot they can loot from you is controlled by how big your trading port is. In this case, smaller is better. If you have a level 1 trading port, the maximum someone can loot from you is 200 goods (at least, in theory, and not counting gold).

    Now onto the warehouse. You should have one. It has many benefits, not the least of which is the ability to protect some of your goods from being looted by foes. It also has future uses, since it allows you to hold more goods, and it will be necessary to have a big warehouse later in the game so you can hold the goods required to expand to an additional city/colony.

    Now, let's say you are facing opponents who know what they are doing. You will want some actual ground defenses.

    The first line of defense is your town wall. Your wall should be the same level as your Town Hall. If it is, you get a 10% bonus to your forces for each level of your wall/town hall. So for example if you have a level 5 Town Hall and town wall, you will have a 50% bonus to your forces. And believe it or not, that town wall alone can defend against an attacker even if you have no actual ground troops. I guess in theory the unarmed peasants of your town are still able to throw rocks at attackers from above, and that lets them defend a bit. They will not hold off a strong force, but they can hold off one slinger for example.

    Now there will be times where you cannot keep your town wall up with your Town Hall. That's OK, just remember it doesn't provide nearly as good a bonus. Also, it does make you vulnerable to Ram attacks.

    Rams are special forces that let you poke holes in opponent walls. For every Ram that pokes a hole in a wall, you get a 10% bonus to your attacking forces. Which means, if you are attack someone whose town wall is not the same level as their Town Hall (which, again, grants a lower bonus than 10% per level), then the attacker can actually gain an advantage over you from your own wall - since they can still poke holes in your wall up to the level of your wall, and gain 10% per hole they poke, but you as the defender will not be getting that same 10% per level defense bonus from the wall since your wall was not the same level as your hall. Makes sense? I hope so. Keep your wall the same level as your hall, and you will benefit the most from it.

    Finally, on to defending troops.

    Slingers are your most basic form of defense. They are not too bad either. Cheap to make, cheap to maintain, they will do in a pinch. But, I wouldn't plan on making them your primary attack or defending force.

    For defense at lower levels, nothing beats the Phalanx. With that big 40 defense points, AND resistance special ability (30% defense bonus if you are on the defending side), the Phalanx is really the superior low-level defense force. Keeping just a few of them in your city, with a full town wall, should hold off all but the most determined attackers. You will, however, need the Professional Army research, and a level 4 barracks. So until you can build them, have some Slingers stay home.

    Now lets say you notice you are currently under attack (by seeing incoming forces in your Military menu). What can you do?

    There is a lot. First, go right to your barracks and start building slingers. They churn out fast, and are cheap, and you will be able to build a few in time for the battle if you hurry. Battles also can go on multiple rounds, so even if they are not ready for the first round, they may join a later round. So, get some of them going.

    Second, you can probably send out some cargo ships to transport excess supplies to another one of your cities, or an ally. And, you can build something expensive. If you can get your goods down below the protected levels for your warehouse, your foe won't be able to loot anything.

    Third, you can (though it's a bit risky) destroy your trading port. Destroying your port will limit looting to (in theory, according to the guides) 60 units maximum of loot (though maybe more in gold). And the port is cheap to rebuild. The only risk is you may want to receive or send out more goods before or during the battle, and you won't be able to if you destroyed your port. But, if you know you are done sending and receiving, go for it.

    Fourth, you can always try some quick diplomacy. Send a message to your attacker nicely asking them to turn their forces back, and mentioning that you are a member of the CircvsMaximvs alliance of about 30 members across the world. Sometimes, that will be enough to avoid the conflict all together.

    Finally, you could always counter attack. Your attackers forces will mostly be absent, since they are on the way to you. So if you send a counter-attack quickly, you will likely face a much depleted defense.


    Attacking uses most of the information you learned from defending. There are really only a few things you need to know.

    First, at the beginning you should be choosing targets with a 0 military score, as shown to you by using the IkariamScoreLinker.

    Choice of target is important. Keep in mind the following factors:

    1) How far away are they? Cities on your own island are only 20 minutes away (and another 20 for looting, and another 20 for the return trip, for a total of 1 hour). And, you don't need to worry about their ships. Of course, that means they are only 20 minutes from you if they want to retaliate, and they already are mining the same resource that you are mining.

    2) What resource are they mining? If you are in need of Crystal for example (to build up your Academy), you should be choosing a Crystal Island (as indicated by the blue icon on your map showing a crystal).

    3) What level is the city you are attacking? Even cities with a 0 military can defend against you using their town wall, and if their town wall is a high level, their defense can be higher as well. I have attacked a level 10 town for example with 0 military and lost a couple of Swordsmen. So, at first try and keep your attacks to cities with level 1-6 or so, if you can. But later, do not be afraid to attack even up to level 16, if they have 0 military and you have enough forces (like 4-6 Swordsmen for example).

    4) Is the city you are attacking a member of an alliance, or someone who has a lot of friends? You can tell if they are a member of an alliance simply by clicking on them, and sometimes their name similarity to other names in the region gives away that they are friends of someone else. In general, I tend to not attack people who have many allies, unless I am up for a fight.

    Next question is what forces to send. Early in the game, you will want to use two Slingers. Why two? Because any attack against an undefended town will still kill one Slinger. A little later one, you should be using Swordsmen. Swordsmen have a big 18 attack bonus, plus the Assault special ability that gives them a 30% bonus if they are on the attacking side. You can generally safely send one Swordsmen to a city with a 0 military if they are level 1-6 or so without any losses.

    If you are expecting a bit of a defense, it's not a bad idea to send some slingers along with your swordsmen. That's because kills are assigned randomly to your forces, and it's quite possible that a kill will be assigned to your sligger fodder instead of your swordsmen, leaving those bigger attack bonus swordsmen to fight on in a later round.

    Finally, later in the game, you will want to use Archers for your primary attackers. They have a big 40 attack and 40 defense, making them good defenders at home as well as attackers.

    And, if you expect resistance, a few of the afore-mentioned Rams to poke holes in the defender.

    You will also (later), want to send a two from your hideout to find out exactly what you will be facing, if they have a military score higher than 0.

    General Advice

    Remember the anti-bashing rule by the way: Never attack the same city more than 6 times in a 24 hour period, unless you are at war with that person.

    Remember that you have a limited number of action points, and each attack counts as an action. You won't get that action point back until your forces return (from a cargo ship run or an attack). So at the beginning of the game, each city has 2 action points. Once you build your town hall up to level 5, your city will get a third action point (and another at level 10, and every 5 levels thereafter).

    Check your warehouse levels. Don't send out an attack to someone if you cannot handle the loot that is about to come back from it.

    Check you have enough cargo ships to handle all the loot you make get. It sucks to hit a hit target successfully, needing 10 cargo ships or something, only to find all your ships are out on another mission.

    One final note - it does not appear as if the bonuses you can research in your Workshop are actually functioning right now. So, I wouldn't waste my money improving forces quite yet, until they get that working. But once they do, it will be worth it to focus on one or two of your primary defense or attacking forces.
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    can i post doubts about alliance and gameplay here?

    (i know im still too small to be part of an alliance, but im working on it)

    and, as asked:

    queen_of_spades, Castle of Cards, Hinoios [6:24] - crystal
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    Awesome post Mistwell... thanks for the tips!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Queen_of_Spades View Post
    queen_of_spades, Castle of Cards, Hinoios [6:24] - crystal


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