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    *shrugs* Depends on what is meant by 'bad'. I eat medieval foods that most mundanes would look at and think "EWWW, GROSS!" and are actually quite good; blood is actually used as a soup/stew thickener in lots of recipes. And butchering my own sheep and goats, goat isn't 'gamey' if you've raised/prepared it properly, it simply has an actual flavor, unlike most of the bland, mushy meat you're going to get in your limited grocery-store offerings.

    Don't know that I'd go for the brains/sweetbreads, though. Not out of 'Ewww, gross!" factor so much as I tend to shy away from consuming neural tissue. Because, prions. Brains are better used for tanning hides, and even then, they're hard to come by if you don't source them and crack some skulls firsthand yourself.
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    These were intentionally prepared badly though.

    I actually like lamb.
    Goat, it depends on how it's prepared.
    In fact I've enjoyed most game meats I've ever tried.

    Gator though, I tried fried. It was... Chewy.
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