Man, this was good. Masterful storytelling, excellent sprinkling of humour and call-backs. James McAvoy is freakin' AMAZING.

The one niggling thing that's bugging me is that I can't figure out what thing(s) tipped me off that the therapist is a baddie. The only things that immediately springs to mind was that she knew about Willis' character's weakness to water, and I remember thinking "how did she know that?" when the bit about the tank first came up. I supposed that during the years, the speculations of folks about the Overseer and his exploits *could* have maybe connected some dots, but...I found it odd. The only other thing I could think of was that her clothes were..."off", somehow. Like...vaguely outdated in the style and the way she wore them (all buttoned up, no relaxation)? Maybe subliminally suggesting her adherence to an older mindset/worldview? Or maybe because she didn't smile and had basically zero warmth, whereas Kevin's therapist from "Split" was evidencing genuine compassion and care.

But damn, the second they showed us the first tattoo, I was all "OH SHIT, SOMETHING IS UP. We're being shown this. WHY are we being show...OH SHIT THERE'S ANOTHER ONE! It's a cabal! An inside job!! It's gotta be!"

Gleefully anticipating a whole buttload of forthcoming 'superhero' awesomeness from Shyamalan in the future. I wonder what direction he'll take with this? Going forward into the future, post-video-distribution, or maybe doing a clever sidestep and maybe showing some history with this cabal and what they've done in the past to maintain the status quo? Either way, count my derriere in a theatre seat for it.