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    Quote Originally Posted by nail bunny View Post
    Farside, I can say with a lot of confidence, "You have no clue where I spend my time".
    4chan and the men's toilets at your local playground.

    Quote Originally Posted by Palaralae View Post
    I do think she's under his thumb, but I am not sure why.
    This seems to be the case with everyone he interacts with; it's like he's taking them into his office and then pulling back his facemask to reveal the pit of hell from whence his puppet master violates the minds of those in his midst.

    Either that, or the Russians have something on everyone Trump interacts with.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ranger Wickett View Post
    I'm mostly with Spoony.


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    Quote Originally Posted by kirinke View Post
    I would love Melania to be the first, First Lady to leave a President while in he's still in office.
    Well one of the complications I imagine would be their son.

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    As if Trump cares about his children. She'd probably get sole custody.
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