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Thread: The UK has lost Free Speech

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enkhidu View Post
    Brexit, in many respects, shows the limits of direct democracy.

    If nothing else, I hope that the powers in the west absorb this lesson, and recommit to representative democracy as a brake on the willfulness of new and narrow majorities.
    Or at least demand better than a simple majority for such drastic changes.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Eldorian View Post
    Or at least demand better than a simple majority for such drastic changes.
    The problem with Brexit is that it wasn't supposed to be a win. Direct democracy and simple majorities are not the issues. The referendum was supposed to satisfy the nationalist/nativist/anti-EU/anti-internationalisation wing of the Conservative Party. There pas no plan if the leave option won, because it wasn't supposed to win and leaving the EU was always a shitty option.

    May is just trying to solve an insolvable puzzle. Ultimately, staying in the EU will remain the only viable path.
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    This seems to have become the general UK politics thread. Seems the petition to revoke Article 50 is perhaps the fastest growning one ever.

    it was up above 700,000 last time I looked and keeps going down for maintenance. It had over half a million in less than 24 hours.
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