On Saturday mid-afternoon at Gen Con, the food trucks were forced to pull out of the street area where they had set up due to an unattended briefcase leaning up against a lamp post. The area was cordoned off and a bomb squad called in to detonate it.
Fortunately before it got that far, I realized I had left my leather briefcase, containing my decks for a tournament later that evening, at the food court when eating lunch. After sitting at the base of the lamp post and eating my gyro, I had spotted my friends sitting at a nearby table and forgot I had set down my briefcase to begin with.
It was about an hour later when I returned. A security guard tried to warn me off when still a bit up a street, and I explained I had forgotten my briefcase and needed to retrieve it. It wasn't until she started calling a cop over that it dawned on me what had probably happened.
After they took down my info, a plain-clothed guy (bomb squad, I think) escorted me to the lonely briefcase sitting upright against the post. I popped it open and showed him there was nothing dangerous inside, just some cards and a USB battery for my phone.
When we got back, the cop yelling orders asked me what was in the briefcase. When I said "cards," he speculated they probably would have made it all the way to the roof of the nearby church building.
I apologized, they said accidents happened and happily sent me on my way.
So, yeah, if you were trying to get a bite to eat mid-afternoon on Saturday and found yourself roped off from the food truck area, you have my apologies.
On the other hand, if you left Gen Con 50 without a memento and would like a one-of-a-kind item - the only genuine Gen Con 50 Bomb Threat Briefcase - make me an offer. (Not really).