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Thread: Star Trek: Discovery

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    If you haven't seen someone disintegrated by a weird energy phenomena, you can't be certain they are dead. And even then, you can't be certain.

    The only caveat is - I once saw an interview with Lorca's actor suggesting that, on a general basis, he's happy if his roles have an end and he gets to do new stuff. So he might not want to come back. We'll see it when we see it, right?


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    The conclusion to the Klingon-Starfleet war was pants and it included a shitty speech about some idealism crap.
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    I kinda liked it, as long as it turns around and bites em in the ass further down the road.

    An united empire would not stop grasping for more power and influence IMO.
    Delay a little, lul your enemy in a false sense of security and focus your forces THEN strike at them with renewed vigor!
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    I liked it yet I didn't.

    As Trek it didn't feel right. Slightly more handwavy tech than I would expect given the timeline. And it was the Crux of the entire season. Not a big fan of the mycelial network. The Klingons bothered me, as did the species change.

    As a show it was entertaining, I enjoyed it.

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