2017 Booth Duty Volunteer Sign-ups We need you!

What for?
We need volunteers for the ENnies booth at Gen Con this year. Gen Con is August 17th- 20th this year, predicted to be the largest crowd ever!

How long will it take?
Each shift is two hours and we like to have two people at the booth for each shift. When scheduling your time, please plan to show up 10 minutes before your shift starts.

What do I have to do?
You'll answer questions from passers-by about the ENnies. Information about when the ceremony is, who the judges are, who the nominees are, how the winners are chosen, etc. will be sent out before Gen Con and will be available in a book at the booth.

If publishers want to drop off materials for next year's ENnies, you'll have them fill out a form and give them a receipt. (especially on Sundays)

You also have to make sure nothing is taken from the booth, especially on Saturday and Sunday, after the ENnie winners are announced Friday night.

What's in it for me?
If the good feeling you'll get knowing you've helped fellow gamers isn't enough, we've got swag bags for all volunteers.

Leaving room for the schedule - to be added soon!