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Thread: Random This Shit Is KEWL Thread

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    Mythbusters showing what happens when you accelerate a cannon ball to 60mph and fire it out of the back of a truck moving at 60mph.

    I can delete you, one click and you're overwritten.

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    We are going
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    I mean, it's not the Doof Warrior's flame-throwing double guitar, but....

    It's a long way down and everything's broken
    It's crazy what some will do for love

    It's a long way down and the dark road is a serpent
    But you and I are not so different

    You can wish what you want
    Let us guide you home
    But we are not yours
    You better leave the stars alone

    Some give us names
    Some give us chains
    And some just try to give us away in vain
    We might be maidens
    We might be queens
    But we are not made to realize your dreams

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