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Thread: Your Ignore List

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    Quote Originally Posted by nail bunny View Post
    I'm on a few pretty deliberately illiberal unsafespaces on Facebook,
    Liberalism is the ideology that gave us democracy, free markets, the rule of law, etc. To be illibiral, is to be against those principales. Basically your just admitting you're a fascists. Like I always said.

    but they skew heavily Libertarian so that probably explains the lack of "safe space" sacrality.
    Libertarianism is a radical form of liberalism. It can't be illeberal and libertarians. You just go on sites who promote rights and freedom for white males.
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    Quote Originally Posted by iHobo View Post
    That's probably the explanation then. In general, I find that liberals are 1) incapable of honest discussion, 2) do not have discussions in good faith, 3) immediately revert to emotional tantrums when they don't get what they feel like they are entitled to, including easy wins in every argument, 4) feel an OCD fascist urge to try and force everyone into conformity to their idiotic cult beliefs through social pressure, and 5) aren't nearly as intelligent as they think that they are; they believe that life one standard deviation above the average makes them geniuses instead of midwits incapable of even noticing their flaws. They also tend to be psychologically unstable and broken—more interested in virtue-signaling their in-group alignment to what they believe to be what "everyone believes" (which is largely a delusion enabled by a sympathetic media, academia and crowd-sourced social policing of badwrongthink rather than a reflection of reality; which is why they've been completely unable to accept that they actually lost the 2016 Presidential election) because of their massive insecurity complexes and need to belong.

    In other words, classic r-selected loser traits. Herd animal traits. Prey animal traits.

    Liberalism is an evolutionary maladaption that can only thrive in times of extreme peace and plenty... although ironically, it also inevitably destroys the sources of that peace and plenty.

    So it's no wonder that I'd get fed up with their narcissistic entitlement and just block them after a while.
    And yet another fascists. Yeah. CM is a safe space for them.
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