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Thread: Reaper Bones III: live on Kickstarter

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rusty Halo View Post
    bunny Mistwell
    No joke.
    I wouldn't even censor you.


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    Folks who like Bones may also like these figures, though they're a good deal more expensive.
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    Those atlantis miniatures are gorgeous
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    I believe the hammer locking back is PWD's trigger warning.

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    Some of the newest pieces are interesting. Four translucent figures have been added to the Core Set, for use when representing an invisible character. The first terrain piece has been unlocked as an add-on: a stone circle, or henge (at almost ten inches across). That's pretty cool!

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    Quote Originally Posted by diaglo View Post
    i was a member since 1979.

    diaglo "has well over 11000 lead minis" Ooi
    Aha! At last we see the link between lead poisoning and inability to capitalize/use certain punctuation.
    most people are idiots"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enkhidu View Post
    I need to figure out if I have Bones fatigue. I'm borderline on this one after the past two.
    Quote Originally Posted by Underpants Gnome View Post
    I still have figures from the first bones extravaganza that are unopened.
    Yep. After the first two, I'm good to go. I got the "Dragon's Don't Share" package that came with Bones II and that put me at my massive minis quotient for a long while. I loved Bones II, but at this point, I don't have the space or the need. I will pass this Kickstarter up unless something totally miraculous comes out for it.

    I'm totally amazed that this Kickstarter has done that well! I would have thought that the bubble on Bones Kickstarters had popped, but no! I'm very happy for Reaper. I like their models and I think that their Bones Kickstarters have been a terrific value.

    To anyone who hasn't gotten in on one of their Kickstarters before, I soooooo don't regret my purchases with Bones I and Bones II. I went in three-way with someone for Bones I and I got a decent amount of minis. If the price tag is too high, that's something you may want to consider - go in halfies or three-way with someone, keep your cost down, and keep only the minis your really want.

    Like many here, I have a massive backlog of unpainted minis, but I don't mind one bit. I fully realize that I won't paint many or perhaps even most of them. The point is that I have them as a resource. Throughout my life, I have picked through my pile of minis for many years, using minis that are decades old for this game or that game. It's like having a library. Whenever I've needed something, I can usually go to the library instead of hunting around on the net. It's extremely convenient. I also modify a lot of my miniatures so have a big pile of minis that are just sitting around doing nothing is a great resource for modding.
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    13 hours more to go in this one - they got a big 5 headed dragon a bit on the big size...

    The kickstarter website is at a crawling pace though
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    /me Thread necromancy

    My bones have arrived and there is a new kickstarter launched for Bones IV:
    Lemon curry?

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    No sir, Mr. Crack Dealer. I do not want any more crack. No thank you.
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    I'll watch it, as I'm now using miniatures more (though I really don't want to have to paint them).

    If they come out with some cat people, I'll probably break down and buy it.

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