The European Commission is considering if, and if so how to harmonize copyright laws across the EU, and is asking for input from the citizenry on the topic. Certainly, plenty of proponents of stronger laws for industrial protectionism and copyright monopolies will be writing in, as well as lobbying in other ways, so it is important that the Commission also hears from those of us who think copyright and assorted related laws stand in the way of a better future and a richer cultural and economic life.

Amelia Andersdotter, one of the two MEPs for the Pirate Party, has provided a guide for which questions in this consultation are important for which purposes. Please check it out. Even if you don't agree with us on the core question of copyright monopolies, there are plenty of other parts of the consultation where we probably agree. For example, question 11 asks whether linking to content protected by a copyright monopoly should require permission from the rightsholder - something I'm sure we all can agree would fundamentally break the Internet as we know it.

The consultation is open until February 5, 2014, so there's plenty of time to read the document and consider the issues.